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1. Enhances Beauty: When done correctly, outdoor lighting will enhance the look of your home, thus increasing its resale value and curb appeal. Imagine how you will feel when you arrive home at night and see your home lit up to greet you. Lighting will also add a bright, welcoming feeling to anyone who visits after dark.
2. Brightens Your Home's Curb Appeal: Having an aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting design will give your neighbors a new appreciation for the look of your home as well. Outdoor lighting at night makes your home stand out among the other darkened homes on your block and adds an extra component of charm to your home.
3. Complements Your Landscaping: Installing outdoor lights will increase your enjoyment of your current landscaping design. Installing accent lights to highlight a particular area of your landscaping helps its visibility and gives you more value for your landscaping efforts.
4. Increases Safety: Having outdoor lighting will decease the chances you or a guest will trip or fall on an outdoor walkway. Lighting the way is a safety issue that you should consider, especially if you often have guests over at nighttime. Outdoor lighting also decreases the chances a burglar will choose your home to break into. If you own a business, lighting the way is an added welcoming touch for clients who visit your office in the evening hours. 
5. Transcends Your Outdoor Spaces: Lighting your outdoor spaces will improve functionality and increase how often you use them. If you like to grill outdoors or have an outdoor patio, outdoor lighting is essential. You will use your patio more often if it is well it and you can relax safely being able to see what you are doing. 
6. Influences the Mood: Outdoor lighting can be used to add to your holiday décor, especially if you entertain often. Installing colored lights adds to the aesthetic effect of your outdoor lighting and will enhance a feeling of festivity during holiday seasons.

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6 Reasons to Install Outdoor Lighting at Your Home! 

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