Irrigation Services 

  • From activation to winterization and every repair in between we service all residential and commercial underground sprinkler systems.​
  • Have your landscape needs changed? Our pros can revamp and update your existing sprinkler system to suit your current needs.
  • Experienced irrigation pros walk through your sprinkler system during EVERY service call.
  • Same day emergency service calls available* for sprinkler system repairs.
  •  We offer water saving solutions to help homeowners save time, money and water! 
  • Creative solutions using drip irrigation to keep those hard to water areas in bloom.
  • Convenient sprinkler service appointments, call (586) 991-1962 or email to schedule! 

Home Maintenance

  • Power Washing will add fast curb appeal for your home, deck, patio and driveway. Siding, stamped concrete, brick or wood.
  • Deck maintenance, replacing old boards or putting up new rails our team can do it all!
  • Gutter cleaning and downspout solutions for those trouble spots around your home.
  • Installing decorative Outdoor Lighting to your flowerbeds or security lighting for your walkway.
  • We can also troubleshoot and repair existing low voltage lighting systems.
  • From a leaky garden hose spicket to leaky kitchen faucet our team is prepared to handle the job! 
  • Call (586) 991-1962  for a free no obligation estimate for any of our home services! 

Commercial Services: 

  • From activation to winterization and every repair in between we service all commercial underground irrigation systems.
  • Annual contracts include monthly maintenance checks to ensure your irrigation system is properly working and your not wasting money.
  • From light bulbs to locks our team can handle your Maintenance needs! 
  • Emergency service calls 24/7* 
  • Call (586) 991-1962 or email for more information! 

Selective Demo Services:

  • Is your creative side ready to tackle a new project but you need a clean slate? Let our demolition team prepare your space! 
  • Contact us today at (586) 991-1962 for a free estimate! 

Snow Removal

  • We handle the snow removal to keep you on the go! Annual snow removal contracts available.
  • Call (586) 991-1962 or email for more information on our snow removal services! 

* additional fees apply

* additional fees apply

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